A Micro-Linux for building IoT & Embedded Applications
Binary Compatibility Options: Slackware x64 v14.2
RedHat EL x64 v7.5
SUSE-EL x64 v12 SP3
Minimum Disk Space:16Mb
Minimum Memory:18.5Mb
For a quick-start, here are some pre-made ISO images. But for maximum fun,
we reccomend you download the latest release & custom build your own
Min Features Max Features
Binary Base Install-CD Live-CD Install-CD Live-CD
Slackware x64 v14.2 :
RedHat EL x64 v7.5 :
SUSE EL x64 v12 SP3 :
LiveCD - boots & runs SlimLinux directly from the CD/USB Stick - config & O/S fixed
Install CD - installs SlimLinux onto a hard disk

If you download the project, you can install directly to a USB stick, as if it is a hard disk, and run SlimLinux diskless.